Neo Energy Healing
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What if everyday of our lives is a celebration?  

​How much fun and majik will we be having
​each day and everyday?

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Here are some testimonials clients and students have shared with me:

“I’d like to share with you how Access Consciousness Bars session affected me. I am a runner, I run 25 kilometres a week. The last 6 -8 weeks I have been in awful muscular pain night and day. I am seeing a myotherapist , she is a good practitioner, though I’m still in pain. We paired up on the Sunday at the Access Consciousness workshop and learnt the bars positions on the head. The sessions lasted approx 1.5 hours each. When It was my turn to lay down the energy that ran through my body was quite fabulous. We were learning this and I was feeling the movement of stuck thoughts , feelings, and attitudes. I received energy shifting by giving this session and by receiving a session 3 hours in total. … I woke up the next day, quietly amazed at the feeling of my body. I was harmoniously in total balance. I DID NOT have the slightest muscular pain in my hip area. What so ever, Nothing. I went to the gym stretched as usual but pain free. I ran 10 kilometres that day like the wind. 1st time in weeks and weeks. I felt this way for
days. I stayed pain free for 3 days. Amazing. How does it get better than this? With Love Robyn.”
"A short caption of my own superconscious experience from last night during a private session with  Nadia :

It started with a simple request to have my clearing done on my relationship with my deceased sister. It opened up a whole new perspective for me while the clearing statement is being processed. Laying on the table I was able to witness the opening up of my energy field, expanding with each clearing statement instantenously & progressively right there and then.

When the question of what role have I been playing in my family, with my friends and everybody else was asked of me, I was at one point unable to relate who I am or rather unsure....a release was done on an unaware entities attatchment in me. Wow..there was an amazing & insightful experiences into each relationship I have had, relationship with myself with imprints and implants of other opinions, beliefs, thought forms etc, including myself, that have been affecting my life till then (last night) ~ completely cleared and released!

My whole body releases allow my cells to return to its spherical state and I feel 100% revitalised & totally alive again with complete freedom ~ like a reborn! Such a Realisation of my central nervous system being comprised for many years of my life....I am grateful to Nadia for facilitating this amazing process!

My heart opened & expanded hugely, at this instance I felt light streaming into me through every cells of my body. Love continues flowing into me all day today and there is instant shift in my perspective towards everything since.
I am embracing the totality of my being, loving me, permeating with an awareness that I have not had before ~ I am the Infinite Being expanding beyonds and encompassing the whole Universe, Universes, all of Galaxy (ies)...indescribeable, beyonds words!

I look forward to growing & evolving with this expansion in my consciousness with you from today onwards!

Such a priceless Gift!, Truly grateful, Infinite Jeanine" 
"Access Consciousness has truly facilitated me so much in my own evolvement and expansion as an Infinite Being and as a Practitioner.

Recently I was privileged to be part of a 7 day Retreat of “Kingdom of True Choice” with Access Consciousness in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. During an Access Bars session as I was receiving the Bars, I was literally rocketed out of this 3D and into space of total consciousness, all I was perceiving was the ocean of consciousness, I knew that this space was beyond all the dimensionalities and time. I was grateful that my body ejected me out to have a sense of what a conscious being was all about.

As I pulled myself back to the room, all I was perceiving was consciousness first and foremost, including people, massage tables and chairs etc, everything was just consciousness, as I was listening to Gary (The Founder of Access) speaking to the class, I could not hear…

Shortly after, I asked the question: What will take for that to show up in every aspect of my life? And guess what it has, I now pretty much function as an Infinite Being, perceiving consciousness in everything and everyone, there is no separation and rejection, my whole being is embracing everything and everyone, total oneness, first time in this life time, I know what is TRUE receiving. In this reality, receiving is about getting, taking, or having, or gaining. In the realm of consciousness and oneness, receiving is embracing what is available with our total being, not our five senses, ie, eyes and ears etc, but the totality of me. This allows me to have a true sense of communion with all that is! What else is possible?

Wow, as I am out and about, as I am beaming with joy, everyone is so joyous with me and to me, every aspect of my living is just filled with so much ease. How does it get any better than that? What will it take for all of us to perceive, know, be and receive what I have and much more?

I now know the potency of Access Bars, as Gary has said that if you have your Bars run regular, eventually you will become totally conscious. I now know that that is a possibility, a possibility for all of us in 3D to embrace and step into and behold."
“A New Me: I'd like to express my true gratitude and true thanks to you Nadia. Since my healing session of access bars, I am amazed at the difference within !!! I always knew the incredible benefits of the healing you have provided in the past, but I now understand that I can access this unlimited healing at all times. Any doubts , instability , self loathing, and much much more no longer is present , instead......"( I am present )!!!!" not all that other crap .!! I am so excited ,for all the possibilities I know are possible ...I so look forward to seeing and learning from you on the 19th (Access Bars Class)”. Melanie"
​"Hi Nadia,

Just a quick note to thank you for your teaching! The gem you gave me was to open me to the possibility of using verbal processing with the Bars.  The difference it has made to my sessions is phenomenal!

​I also use the tip you gave about destroying and uncreating the
relationship with the person you are running Bars on and it's an instant neutralizer which gets me into a clear space for the session.

So thank you, thank you , thank you!

I am running my first Bars class on October 30th and will definitely be passing on those tips!  With Gratitude, Connie"

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